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  1. Using (308626) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750) here on Windows 10 v1903 build 18362.356, SSD hard disk and 8GB RAM. Paying user. I'm finding Evernote to be so unstable as to be almost unusable now. It's going into a "not responding" state several times a day, usually right at the time when I'm trying to type something in quick before I forget. Evernote, please sort this. It's a great tool but if this carries on I'll be inclined to not renew my subscription and look for alternatives. It's that frustrating.
  2. This, definitely. I don't want emojis because I'm not 12. I do want to be able to type that something is less than 3, or refer to a server's D drive, without it changing into ❤️ or 😧 . Make the automatic emojis an option you can enable if you want, but for goodness sake please stop doing it automatically or at least provide an option to turn them off.
  3. Another vote for disabling automatic emojis here! I'm using it in a professional, technical environment. I frequently want to type (for example) D: , and I will NEVER want to type a sad face emoji. Infuriating, I can't believe it behaves like a chat application for 12 year olds.
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