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  1. I think I found the solution! The setting is Scribble on iOS. It is not a change in Evernote. Scribble allows you to hand write in any text field and iOS transcribes it to type. disable this in the Apple Pencil settings and you should be back to normal!
  2. I updated to 8.8.1 but can still not go back to edit sketches!!! Also, I noticed in the iPad app, under the profile tab, the version says Evernote 8.8.360581 (which is later than the 8.8.1 mentioned here and in the store..) Like many in this thread, this feature being disabled is really destroying my workflow. Although the app store says I'm up to date, maybe I'll delete the app and try to reinstall, but any help or further guidance would be helpful. *After deleting the app and reinstalling, everything is back up and running. * Thanks!
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