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  1. On 12/18/2017 at 5:18 PM, louay.md said:
    • Almost all inserted pictures disappear randomly from my notes.
    • Page lines ('rules') randomly decide to not show up sometimes, or only if I insert 2 lines before them.
    • Font sizes throughout the whole note randomly undo to default after hours of work.
    • Countless bugs related to bullet lists
    • Images randomly decide to not want to annotate. I press the annotate icon and nothing happens.
    • Images also reset to their original size after I do annotate them, or do anything to them really.
    • Let me repeat the first one because I've lost hours of work due to this: almost all inserted pictures are disappearing randomly from my notes.

    All of these issues happen to me too! 

    Especially the disappearing pictures is really annoying.

    The app is rather useless with these essential bugs! I only installed evernote a couple of weeks ago, but I had expected more from a 500+ employee company... I hope you can fix these issues soon

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