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  1. We need an "undo" feature within evernote web. For example, if I accidentally delete a sentence, in Word I could do ---> Edit ---> Undo and it would return, but in evernote web it seems gone forever.
  2. Please can we have a option to add a signature which automatically appears in the text box when emailing notes. And previously used email addresses appear as you start to type them.
  3. Hi, When I try to forward emails to Evernote from my personal email account some get through, some don't. Many arrive without problems, but the 2 particular emails that aren't arriving (but I really want!!) have the following features: 1. Size 100-500KB, no attachments, just text/tables. 2. Size >5MB with attachments. Evernote support haven't offered any solutions yet. Just to clarify: the evernote email address is DEFINITELY correct; and I have searched all notebooks (so they aren't hiding anywhere). Any suggestions? Many thanks.
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