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  1. I have been an Evernote paying customer since 2013 for both my personal and business accounts with hundreds of pages of notes, and this version 10.1 upgrade is a pile of *****! No way to sugar coat it - and management and the developers are the culprits here. This new version's functionality and performance on all my Apple devices (iOS & macOS) are SLOOOOOW to load (if they load at all), I have lost lots of functionality and many of my prior years of notes page formatting and column alignment is completely f-ked-up, which will take us months (if not a year plus) to repair and fix.
  2. I have been requesting this feature for a couple of years, and have even gone as far as posting on Evernote's Twitter page which has also fallen on deaf ears. This is such a simple request and concept to grasp - its analogous to creating an alias in a file structure where you have links to a Note in various Notebooks for ease of navigating and for organization purposes - no brainer! At least for some of us... The moderator's (BurgersNFries) dismissive, paternalistic response back in 2014 in advising that users should use EV's useless Tags feature in lieu of users wanting something th
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