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  1. I will also be downgrading. This new pdf viewer is awful!
  2. Does the shortcut <shift>+<alt>+<M> help you? I do a similar thing I think: I open a note and then move them to the same notebook. I have a macro set up to do <shift>+<alt>+<M> and then <enter>. That moves the note to the last notebook you selected. Or did I misunderstand your question?
  3. Dear all, I have a very simple request: To switch from the title of the note to the tags field by using <tab> Right now both <tab> and <enter> take you from the title to the body of the note, skipping the tags field on the windows or mac client. I know that the shortcut <ctrl>+<alt>+<T> does bring up the tags but as a pop up field.
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