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  1. Thanks. I meant to write that I filed a support ticket. It has been three days and I haven't gotten any response. Nor am I able to use the Premium functions on either of my laptops, a MacBook Pro and a Chromebook. I tried calling the company just now, but the only number I could find was the billing department. They don't accept live calls, but ask you to leave a message with answers to about a dozen questions they ask on their recorded message. This company rots. 

  2. Last night I pasted a pdf version of an email (originally a SMS sent from my iPhone) from my Gmail account into one of my Evernote files. It overlayed and obliterated the entire file, which is of inestimable value. I couldn't locate an Undo function (which I discovered doesn't exist). I upgraded (twice) to be able to access Note History and restore my file to a previous day. I was told to click on an "i", but there wasn't one. I filed a complaint ticket with Evernote last night. I haven't heard back. The company has no phone number to call. I need help.

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