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  1. Btw, can you recommend any "must-read" articles that teach me how to get the most out of Evernote?
  2. Thank you for your answer! Because they don't belong to the outline of the video and will just distract me when I'm recording. Those are meta information that are supposed to help me remember why I wrote down that particular bullet point. Of course a single word could just be put directly into the main note, but whole sentences would bloat it up too much. I could of course also put these footnotes into the same note, but I can navigate them more easily as links because I can just quickly Shift + Click them, take a quick look and then close the window. Whereas with lots of footnotes in the same file I'd probably have to search quite a lot. Also, this keeps up consistency with the clipped notes.
  3. Up until now, I've been using Evernote for very simple note taking without harnessing many of it's features. I create programming tutorials for a living, and the research process for a video is often very difficult because I make them very detailled and have to juggle a lot of information in my head. I am hoping to make this process a bit easier and less stressful by using Evernote more intelligently. First of all, I've split up single notes into notebooks or even stacks, whereas before I had single text notes that were probably a mile long. I've also installed the web clipper. A single video now has it's own dedicated note where I outline the video structure. I then use this note for reference while I'm recording (I've always been doing that). My problem is that I often have many little pieces of information from different websites (like a single answer in a forum, a part of a discussion, a sentence in an article etc) that went into the creation of this outline, but which I don't want to keep directly in this note (because this is not part of the actual video flow). For example: In the video, I say "it's best practice to do XYZ". That's part of the actual video and a bullet point on my note. But in order to get to this conclusion, I read up many different articles and posts. I want to keep these little pieces of information connected to this bullet point on my note without distracting from the main parts. In other words: I want to have some sort of "footnotes" or annotations. What I do right now is, I use the web clipper to take a screenshot of an important piece of information, highlight the important bits and then save it as a single note. Then I copy the link of the note and create a sort of footnote with normal hyperlinks like this: Sometimes those are web articles/screenshots, but sometimes those are just some sentences I wrote down. This means I have dedicated notes for single sentences or even words which are then connect to my main note. They are stored in their own notebook (one for all clips related to a video). Here are 2 examples of such "annotation notes". One contains a screenshot of a Stackoverflow answer, the other one is just a single word that is supposed to help me remember what a bullet point on my outline was about. This will of course create tons of tiny notes. Maybe 20 for a single video, maybe 100. I am aware of the 100k note limit, but that's fine since I can just delete old ones. Are there any other problems with my approach? Is there a better way to achieve the same result?
  4. I have one more question in this regard: I used Evernote Web for months before downloading the desktop version. When I installed the desktop version, did it automatically download all the notes that I created online so they're stored on my PC?
  5. Are ALL notes automatically, without specific settings, also stored locally on my computer? I was under the impression that they only live online unless I download them (I never looked into this further).
  6. How do I backup notes that are stored on Evenote's servers? Without copy pasting everything one by one?
  7. Just want to make sure. My Evernote account is filled with lots of important notes. Should I make a backup somewhere? Or are my notes completely safe? How likely is it that some technical issue on Evernotes' side accidentally deletes notes from my account?
  8. Ok I understand, thank you. Is the web client very unpopular in comparison to the downloader versions?
  9. Sometimes my web client creates 1 or 2 copies of the same note, which are not up to date. There seems to be a bug with the synchronization. Anyone experience something similar?
  10. So there will be no problem changing multiple notes parallel in different browser tabs? I use the web version, not the download version.
  11. I use the web version. I am just wondering if these tabs can interfer with each other so changes to a note don't get applied properly. (Of course I am not changing the same note in 2 different tabs)
  12. Hello, I use Evernote web. Can I open multiple different notes in their own tabs and change them seperately? Will there ever be any interference?
  13. Thanks for your answers. I guess I just have to test both extensively. I mean only my C drive is quite full, I could also install it on D, I think that should work as well. Appreciate that you guys took your time to answer.
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