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  1. I'm finally at the point where I can't take it anymore, and am seriously considering leaving Evernote because of (what I realize is) a trivial matter... Why in the ever-lovin' heck do you require me to jump through so many damn hoops just to log in??? Follow along: I'm at my laptop, I want to jot down some ideas, so point my web browser to "evernote.com" That page loads - Lots of pictures, and other good info - most of it trying to get me to upgrade from my free service (I get it - you want to make money). As a user for the site/service you'd expect I could just log-in from the front page. Wrong! I now need to click "Log in". The Log In page loads... Thankfully, my user name is there, so I don't have to type that. But, there's no where to put my password. OK... So, I click "Continue". The page drops down, and now, I can put in my password. My browser is set up to remember this, so it's already in the field. NOW I can log in!!! I click "Sign In". The page finally loads, and I can click "+" to start a new note. Let's count the clicks it takes from idea to adding a note: Clicking in my browser's address bar Clicking on "Log In" (Sometimes) clicking in the "Enter email address or username" field Clicking "Continue" (Sometimes) clicking in the "Password" field Clicking the "Submit" button Clicking the "+ (New Note)" button This is a GUI ergonomic nightmare for such a simple task. I hope it can be fixed. I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets driven bonkers by this. Clearly, there's got to be a better way to streamline this... The easiest being letting me put in my username and password at the evernote.com home page, it'd be great if they're "remembered" there (at my option)... Kind of like how just about every other log-in page on the internet works. Better yet... When I decide I want to type out an email, and I go to my gmail page, I just type in gmail.com in the address bar, I'm "remembered", and it goes straight to my inbox... I click "compose" and BAM!!!! I'm typing the email!! Would be great if Evernote made it just as easy to start a new note. Any chance it can get fixed?
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