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  1. @TK0047@s2sailor thank you very much! I will look into it. It maybe even a better solution than the one I originally envisioned Just thinking out loud and conscious that Evernote is a big productivity tool, and I am a big fan of organizing and productivity enhancement. Do you guys have any recommendation of system (Getting Things done et al.)/ techqniues / features that are super boost at Evernote --
  2. Dear All, First of all, I love Evernote and using it for year now - thanks for helping boosting my organization and productivity. There is one thing that really helps me when I study for certain subjects which is MINDMAPing (http://www.tonybuzan.com/about/mind-mapping/). I do this separately on a sheet of paper and then scan it in to have it in mindmap, however, new information are often added and it evolves over time which makes a rigid scan difficult to adjust. I was wondering if you could implement a mind mapping function so mind maps could be integrated into a note and one
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