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  1. At the opposite, all of you have been helpful. I give value to your time. That was a feedback maybe useful for someone else that might search for the same question. Thanks
  2. Just for saying that it worked. I did the drag&drop 50 photos per time and it's been very quick and easy. I uploaded only photos in JPG and they don't loose any quality at all. Perfect. Thanks
  3. Thank you for the details. Yes, I suppose Evernote is not the best for pictures but that quantity is not so much for me. I have dropbox, Amazon and Flickr as well. I wished Evernote was better developed for photos as well, I just don't like to have too many different services.
  4. Yes, I use others like dropbox as well but I want to upload this group to Evernote. I think they are all JPGs, some of them might be TIFF, I'll have to check and I can convert them in JPG before uploading them.
  5. Sure, I will do so. I haven't checked yet but besides JPG and PNG, do you maybe know if Evernote can handle also TIFF and RAW? Thanks a lot
  6. Much more complicated. I've tried drag&drop with 2 photos and it worked. Each photo opened a note separately with the right name. How many do you think I can drag&drop in one time without occuring in making a mess somewhere? Thanks
  7. Thank you. I have a Macbook Pro. I just looked at the Evernote program, but I don't see in the menù "Tools", and I don't find any "Import folders". Where should it be?
  8. Hi, I would like to find a way to upload more than 500 photos. It's ok if there is one photo per note. How can I do it automatically? Or what's the best way I could do it? I can create a dedicated notebook, or tag. Thanks, Davide
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