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  1. I'm on a Win10 machine, Pro user, who occasionally updates via an Android HTC M8. Most of my work is done on the desktop. Going through my notebooks, especially the Clip to Evernote folder that I put initial clips in, I've been finding dozens of spam posts like this one: http://www.eguidesservice.com/join-tell-the-bell-survey-online/ There are usually a few lines of text added. These posts range from restaurant surveys to department store reviews to state job board portals. I'm not clipping these, obviously, and they don't show up on the pages I'm clipping (and I'm clipping in Sim
  2. I love engineers. This is a beautiful solution to the wrong problem. You've optimized for solving the "need a unique identifier" problem. Unfortunately, in doing so you have destroyed the non-trivial problem elements, e.g. findability via such metadata as English denotation ("Chapter Two: How To Skin a Horse" is much more findable than "a1507813587"). Do you have a table of contents, ' "Chapter Two: How to Skin a Horse" (1507813587)? ' I think the real issue here is that anchor links are fundamental to modern HTML/CSS specifications, involve no custom or elaborate code, presumably woul
  3. This feature has been requested for the past 5 years, as far as I can tell. I'm not sure why it hasn't been implemented: there is at least one third-party hackaround to do anchor links, and it's clearly an ongoing part of the users' mental workflow model. Might be an exercise in futility, but here goes. I want anchor links to an external document. So, for example, I have a long and complex project list. Yes, each project could be composed of numerous individual notes, each "Copy Internal Link"'ed to the main project heading. But I'd rather have a list of projects with two or three subheads
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