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  1. Yes, it right, but not convenience. This topic is discuss feature A. And you means why you need feature A. You can use feature B and feature C instead. The fact is the software still do not have feature A. If these ways really match most people's need, this topic would not be so hot. It is clear many users complain about it. I know a couple of ways to use Google drive in Linux, but I still complain Google drive do not have a formal license in Linux like a lot of other people. I think you know what I mean. You mention WORD, so you also means the feature, (password for a note) is necessary and evernote do not support it, so you have to use WORD, is that right? But not all users have money to buy Office, and also, a lot of users use Linux system. It is still a problem for them.
  2. Yeah, yeah, you are right, since I have password in computer and in evernote account, then it is enough. You are so smart and thank you for telling me that. But Evernote still do not have a password to a special note. Anyway, Perfect software!!! *shrug*
  3. I means the password for a special note :), some office's computer, even it is your computer, other people can log in by their account, like my office. Account password is not enough, unless each time you AFK, you remember to log out all of your accounts. More choice is better. A password for a special note is a basic feature, just take a look for any similar software, like onenote, even it is not as good as evernote in other aspec
  4. I totally can't understand why evernote reject to give such a basic feature. Maybe markdown support has some technical challenge, but an encryption protection, almost all other similar software has this feature. Since there is no password protection, It's very dangerous to write diary in evernote unless you want everyone in your apartment, your office to watch your privacy. And of course, it is also impossible to keep any personal information like SSN- number, bank account in Evernote. Sad.
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