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  1. Hello -- I just noticed this today. Usually when I use the Gmail plugin to save a thread, including attachments, that works assuming the sender is "known". Today, I tried several times to save an entire thread that included attachments but only the last email of the thread was saved, no attachments. What is wrong? I am using the latest Safari (Version 13.0.4) on MacOS High Sierra.
  2. Thanks to Ian for finally coming out to let us know what is holding Evernote back from restoring this critical functionality. However now Gmail Evernote Clipper in Safari has stopped working... "Content not available". I feel that for full restitution, Evernote should give those of us with a Plus subscription (paying customers) the ability to email content to Evernote. @Ian Small
  3. Same issue here. Shared many notebooks with husband and email is not showing up anywhere (checked Spam and Junk) nor are the notebooks showing up in his Evernote account.
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