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  1. I thought I was imagining things but after it happened multiple times, I am now sure Evernote is losing my note modifications. I clearly remember I updated a note last night with some important information and today, that information disappeared from the note!!! This is really bad as I do not trust Evernote will keep the integrity of my notes anymore. I do not know what the pattern is or how to reproduce this as it seems not all modifications are lost, just some seemingly random modifications disappeared. I switch between MacOS and Windows and both versions are the latest. Also, I make sure it is syncing by manually clicking on the sync button every time I'm done editing. Evernote MacOS: Version 7.6 (457297 Direct) Editor: 59.0.7031 (d523909) Evernote Windows:
  2. Believe me, the Windows version has its own major annoyances. I usually don't like to complain because being a software engineer, I know how difficult it is to write good software. But seriously, this application just has too many annoying bugs and weird and inconsistent design. It is very frustrating. Example of annoying bugs: on Windows, notes would seemingly randomly lose focus so when you start typing, nothing happens; on Mac, the app starts become unresponsive and spinning (Mac "beachball") every few seconds when you try to do anything, like simply typing. And last but not least, text appearing completely different sizes between Windows and Mac. It seems they are focused on mobile and view the desktop versions as simply afterthoughts since the former rarely get any updates.
  3. The formatting is terrible indeed. I'm using Evernote on Mac, Windows and iOS. I write notes carefully and nicely formatted on MacOS just to realize the formatting is just all over the place on Windows. Specifically, it is the font, font sizes and indent. I'm not using any special font, it's just Verdana. The font size is just all over the place when going from MacOS to Windows and vice-versa. I always had to unnecessarily wrestle with this. Why does this have to be a challenge? It is so frustrating.
  4. Multiple select and move of notes can be done on iOS 11. Use iOS 11 standard multi-select gesture: 1. Tap and hold a note until it ‘pops out’; 2. Move the note a bit (do not release); an icon should appear on the top-right corner of the note you’re dragging. 3. Tap to select additional notes on the list. (Now you should have a stack of notes under your finger. An icon indicates the number of notes in the stack.) Move to another notebook: 1. Drag the stack of notes to the green arrow (near top-left corner) to bring up the list of notebooks. 2. Drop the notes to the desired notebook. This works on my iPad Pro.
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