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  1. Done a couple months ago. Never got any response. I already downgraded and linked to this thread in my answer to "why do you downgrade" question. No contact anyway.
  2. I cancelled my subscription, too. I'm going to follow this topic to see how it goes, and maybe come back when it's fixed. Until then, I'll stick with Basic on the web. I don't use premium features much anyway. The issue is not as frustrating as the reaction and attitude of the Evernote team. I love the app, I crossed my fingers when they did the last redesign and started from scratch, but this – I find unacceptable. I don't feel I really need Premium, but I paid to support Evernote. I lost the reason to pay. I bought Nimbus Note on AppSumo. It's not the same experience, but If I had to, I feel I would switch to Nimbus. And maybe some day I will. How long should we wait for the fix of the one damn shortcut.
  3. Maybe you could answer them that's kind of the same thing as saving “h” or “f” or any other character. Awkward. 😕
  4. Now I can't type capital “ś”, and it still doesn't work when Evernote is on the background. I suspended other scripts, but it didn't help.
  5. “Ś” works fine, “ś” works only when Evernote isn't running. If it's on, AltrGr + s is catched by Evernote for screen capturing. Yes, I have Altr Gr, it's literally written on the keyboard 😉 #Warn is uncommented, but it doesn't warn me about anything.
  6. One more thing: In the situation where so many apps add their global shortcuts, in my opinion it's unacceptable not to be allowed to modify them or turn them off.
  7. Unfortunately, that doesn't work for me. I've been already using AHK, and I have some scripts, but this one for some reason can't do the job.
  8. I agree, I'd appreciate the distraction-free view. It may be the same like in the browser Evernote app.
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