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  1. I really don't understand why Evernote misses this opportunity. When I do the notes, I don't really need all rich-text flexibility, i don't want to care about the style - what I really want is a way to structure my thoughts with headers, lists and tables. And it is perfectly solved with Markdown. Btw, the markdown may be displayed with different styles, which ones even may be sold in the internal store - so it is even an opportunity to increase sales per user. I don't want to switch to another tools, but with no markdown support I would not have a choice in recent future.
  2. Thanks, it is a solution. Pity that the evernote has no built-in support for markdown and we have to use 3rd party tools.
  3. I am not talking about the word processing features. I am talking about the basic things like markup support, styles support (headers at least) and style copying. OneNote, direct competitor of Evernote, has features.
  4. I can't believe that there is no built-in stlyle in Evernote now. It was discussed ages ago, all other note systems has it - even super simple Apple Notes - and Evernote does not have. What a shame.
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