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  1. Hi, everyone. I've been giving SwiftKey a break, using Fleksy instead on the recommendation of another forum user, but a few months on I've reinstated my SwiftKey / Evernote combination and I have to say it's not exhibiting the letter and word repetition problem we were all seeing. Can any of you chime in with a similar experience?
  2. It's not a device I'm used to using Evernote on, but I don't seem able to reproduce the issue on my Tab.
  3. Which Tab? I have the A (2016) model T580 that could test on to verify this.
  4. Now that I've tried alternative keyboards, I want to note that the issue isn't limited to SwiftKey--it also happens with Swype.
  5. Thanks, this is a sensible workaround. SK isn't the be all and end all of keyboards, after all.
  6. Frustrating about sums it up. I've reverted to taking paper notes while the issue persists as it renders Evernote practically unusable.
  7. It's still happening to my Evernote after having a press of "Clear typing data" which is I guess what you meant by dumping one's history.
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