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  1. I've been using evernote as a pdf library to organize my class notes etc. It is great in terms of synchronizing and searching keywords (very helpful when studying). However there is so much more potential yet to be realized. I would like to see: 1. Ability to batch rename attachments in a note according to a custom defined scheme. (Note title/tags etc) 2. Export attachments according to custom defined scheme (subfolder structure defined by user according to notebook/title/tags etc) These should be fairly easy to implement from a programming point of view and would greatly improve usability.
  2. Is there an explanation to why this feature is still missing? Ctrl with +/- sign is just not intuitive at all. We need the mouse wheel zoom really bad...
  3. Same issue, every time the computer starts the fatal error dialog appears. Also, when I try to shut down windows without fully quitting evernote it will prevent the shutdown. Is there an option where I can automatically quit evernote by just closing the window instead of having it shrink to the tray icon?
  4. Ctrl + MouseWheel Zoom function is still not working. However, Ctrl + "+/-" Zoom works.
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