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  1. Same thing here, MacOS High Sierra with latest updates, Evernote 6.13.1, does not find certain notes even with the search terms being in the description of the note, not even the note body content, let alone full-text content in attached files. Evernote on iOS still seems to work properly - but I would assume that the search index (or at least the process of indexing itself) for handheld devices is done centrally in a cloud. This is a pretty serious issue, as it makes Evernote basically a "copy to dev 0" storage... I found this out purely by coincidence, as a search on my iPad delivered results, whereas an identical search on my Macbook Pro came up empty. Started the index rebuild, but I find it difficult to assess from the event log wether or not the rebuild process has finished. The log is almost incomprehensible, (or should entires like 2018/01/17 23:29:30:025 I|* 83XX0 -[ENUXPuppetmaster evaluateRules] | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <ENUXPuppetmaster: 0x6040XXXX900> Evaluated script version: mac.169 should make any sense to me?) making me wish for something like the Windows Event log. Will monitor this thread for a couple of days before I submit a ticket. I would guess or hope the Evernote Dev Team is aware of the problem and working on a solution... Even more important would be a future mechanism to prevent this or address this by making users aware, e.g. by actively communicating a search index problem on a device; otherwise, if a search comes up empty, one might just think that one forgot to save it in Evernote. At least, up to this point, I would not have thought of checking on other devices if I get results if the first one delivered null... Let's face it: Search is THE USP of Evernote Premium if you consider the sheer volume of data you could theoretically store each month (and I am utilizing maybe 1% of my monthly upload volume), without a working search index, it is basically a data graveyard. If I wanted unreliable search results, I´d just use my company's MS Outlook and save everything as a mail...
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