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  1. Syncing between devices still is a terrible problem. I'm not sure what the issue was with the old sync but I never had the number of duplicate notes. I get popups identifying "more than on version" all the time but they don't show in the list view so it's often impossible to clean them up. Never had this problem before.... I read in the blog that evernote has identified these issues, but don't know what the timing is to resolve them.
  2. Found a new bug that is repeatable over and over. WHen using the O365 plugin to add an email as a note in evernote. The note does not appear under the tagged or in a tag search automatically. You have to wait a minute or so then refresh the notes, if you don't it appears as the note did not make it into evernote. It also brings over the full conversation view of the email not just the email you're migrating, couldn't find a way to just bring over the individual email. very annoying.
  3. In previous versions I could delete a tag by right clicking and deleting it from the tag-tree. I could also move and nest tags with a drag in drop. In V10.x.x that appears to not work any more. I've been unable to find a way to remove a tag from the list of tags or move a tag to a nested location. Is that feature gone?? Bob
  4. the launch of version 10 has been a big problem and a huge step back. I've been premium user for years and have my whole life on Evernote. It's shaken my confidence, my daily workflow is disrupted, I'm spending an inordinate amount of time troubleshooting issues, finding duplicate notes, rebooting, etc to get Evernote to work. Found a new problem today in that not all machines will run the same version. When checking for updates, one machine loads 10.4.4 the other running 10.3.7 gives me a message that it's the current version. Still having problems with blank notes coming up. The thought of changing tools is frightening, however, I can't continue to spend this much time making a 'productivity' tool productive... How long before this platform is stable again?
  5. Removing the sync was terrible. I've made changes on my IOS phone and several hours later the changes aren't on my windows computer despite "all changes saved" message. Now i'm creating duplicate notes routinely.... something's not right.
  6. The link from Gazumped worked. It's an alternate version but it actually does process the tags correctly. https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/office/WA104379617?tab=Overview Thank you
  7. Can't seem to find the Evernote Outlook clipper on the Microsoft Store. It's bundled with the app. Have uninstalled the app, downloaded the app from Evernote, reinstalled. Problem persists. Just wish they would squash this bug.
  8. The clipper used to be great, but the fact that tags are lost when using the clipper makes it of almost zero value. Better to forward emails to the Evernote inbox with the tag in the subject lin #tag
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