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  1. As it is I find it impossible to use both my smartphone and laptop with evernote. I paid them $100s over the last five or so years. As soon as I find out how to download and save all my info ... I will go to a different kind of clipping service. I've been clipped enough by Evernote.
  2. I've been paying a premium price for four or five years. I decided that since the service was getting worse I'd go back to basic. I was in basic for a few minutes and was hit with a half dozen chances to go back to premium prices. And then I had popups from Evernote that made it impossible to figure out what was going on. A good wild guess.
  3. I can't access my notes in Chrome. I can in Edge. I think I'm in beta. How do you get back to when evernote was solid?
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