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  1. I was hoping for some trick to do so in Evernote's editor. No such luck without editing the note outside? It's strange that ENML defines elements that we can't use "natively".
  2. Notes are writtin in and rendered using HTML in Evernote, even if this isn't exposed to the user. On a mac, you can inspect a package's contents and I can easily find the default CSS used to render this HTML. In the CSS, there are default rules for <div>, <p>, and several levels of <h#> tags. What I want to know is how to use these tags when I'm writing a note. I want to be able to use a <p> tag when I want a margin separating my paragraphs, and a line-break when I don't. Evernote is equipped to render these the way I want, but I'm not sure how to actually insert the tags into my notes to get the formatting I want. Any ideas?
  3. Hi everyone! I have a pretty specific use-case that I'm not sure how to implement. When I get home, I want a reminder to check my work log. What I want is a notification on my phone with a link to an Evernote search for a specific tag. Any ideas?
  4. ⌘-Del would make a fine shortcut for it. I end up forgetting it doesn't have one and try using it. It feels like a natural fit.
  5. I'm not sure how long I've been able to do this, but on my personal macbook, I can right-click inside a note, and "Inspect Element" appears in the menu. This opens up Chrome's Developer Tools inside Evernote and it lets me inspect the HTML used to render the note. I love this. It's very useful, especially for notes clipped from the web. It feels like a hidden feature that gives me much more power over my notes, beyond what the normal Evernote editor provides. The thing is, this doesn't happen on my work macbook. I'd love to know why it's available on one, but not the other. Both laptops should (I will confirm later) have up-to-date versions of Chrome and Evernote. Any ideas?
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