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  1. Thanks for your answer. Your experience is awesome. But we want to provide a solution for everyone who need it. Even he doesn't familiar to software development like you. We are going to get a similar flexibility for all the connections include Evernote. Next step is implementing "Force sync" button to run sync on demand. So user will be able to trigger sync manually. Then we will work at filters. So tags could be used to manage reminders that need to be sync. It is a more complex task for us because we want to have a generic behavior for all calendars. But we are going step by step :).
  2. Hello everyone, Last weekend (March 25, 2018) we finally released v0.0.5.0a Calendar Cloud.Main changes are based on the statistic collected during these months. You can find more details in the next post "March Update (v0.0.5.0a released )" In addition, we launched on ProductHunt. You can find us at the following link - Calendar Cloud @ Product Hunt. Our team hopes very much for your feedback. Best,
  3. Like an option try Calendar Cloud. They can sync Evernote's reminders to iCloud calendar.
  4. Dear community, Let me introduce a new product called Calendar Cloud. It is a cloud-based service that helps you to sync events from different sources to Google or iCloud calendar. In contrast to others solutions available on the market we are focused on simplicity and want to solve end user's problems. We started early access around 2 months ago, but last week we released Evernote integration. Now, I want to share it with you. Check out Calendar Cloud is the simplest way to sync Evernote's reminders to Google or iCloud calendar If you are interested. Use any of the following communication points to ask your question, share your experience or report any problem. Product page: https://calendar-cloud.com/ Blogger: https://calendarcloud.blogspot.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/calendarcloud/ Support email: support@calendar-cloud.com (generally we respond within 24 hours) Moreover, you can ask your questions in this thread. Thanks for your attention.
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