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interesting, thats I'm anaha?

long long before the first viruses were raining down to a firy earth.

We are living around.

Where around, you ask now?

Yes, this is a question was asking by kings, prists, handcrafters and also the holy spaghetties. Not allown this things but also people on jupiters icy inner surface were thinking about. So you now never more will be surprised because of cold tears running before second run matura.

Every tear has its time. So also the singel drops, coming from HX-42424242/2993 10e30 ly away never seen today by any telescop and not in the fastes qBit simulations.

And how your bad dreams after this will be go away - this we tell you in the next tweet of our special not-240-char/frozen-Taxi special.

same hour.
same wave.

keep healthy!


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