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  1. I am having issues with images showing up inline that were created in a notebook and then shared with me. When the notebook is opened in the web version of Evernote on the creator's Mac the images are there. When I open them on my laptop - either on the web version or the app (7.10) all I get is question marks where the images should be. It is a strange thing as there are a few images now available - approximately a month after they were originally created... is there a really slow sync issue, is there something that will get fixed in a future release, or is there anything I could try to get the images to show up on my Mac?
  2. I too am struggling to print tables -- just occasionally, which is almost worse. Currently a two column table shows up on my screen, but only the left column prints. I've tried adjusting column widths, copying it into a new table, creating the note from scratch, shutting everything down -- any tips or fixes please?
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