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  1. Fully agree with this. Evernote Team. You are really testing us. I am on the way to go away. This is to much for me. Sorry.
  2. Hi all. Sorry, but I can't not comment on this... Does ANYBODY test this software before release???????? Many, many, MANY issue reported here. Lost of focus, disappearing cursor... This was reported for many previous versions. Does anybody testing BASIC features before release???? Or you are simple kidding us?
  3. True, They don't need to communicate every change. But this is good practice to communicate such "big" changes. Especially when some functionality is broken.
  4. I am fully agree. Evernote should: 1) well communicate this change 2) well test all released packages. Currently it looks like mid-school programmer application. But this is not funny for us - users. Last version is far better like month ago, but still have a lot of bugs.
  5. Hi Team. I've just checked last available version (6.9.7). It's better, but issue is still present. 1) Open existing note to edit 2) place cursor where you want to edit 3) start typing... -> nothing happened. Cursor is gone.
  6. hello. I see the same issues. I have opened Ticket for this: Ticket# 2328844 - Latest Windows client - problem with cursor position But no resolution till now. Probably I will try install previous version.
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