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  1. I found that file from Spotlight/Finder and then copied it to my desktop, but I'm not sure how to export it if I can't open it in Evernote...
  2. No, the note wasn't shared. The only thing I can think of that has changed is I bought a new iPhone and recently had to re-do my Google authenticator codes for several apps, including Evernote for 2-step verification. However, I can access my other notes just fine, so I don't know if that's an issue or not.
  3. I'm on a Mac with Sierra 10.12.6, and running the Evernote app Version 6.13.3 (455969 Direct). I've also tried recovering the note on the web version of Evernote with no luck.
  4. I tried accessing a note this evening -- of course it's a valuable note with sensitive data in it that I don't want to lose, not one of my crummy dream blog notes -- and I can't access it. I get this error message: "Can't open note You’re signed out of the account for this note. Sign back in and try again." I'm trying to submit a support ticket and am confused about the process -- I select my issue from the dropdowns and it gives me a bulleted list of how to recover missing notes or info, all of which I've done. I have my activity log file ready to go but I need to send it to so
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