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  1. Yes, I did change it to .old and it looks like it's working. But i don't know for how long. we shall see... When I re-install it for the second time it wasn't a clean installation I got this fatal error message.:
  2. Hi - I just re-install it and I'm getting the following error message.
  3. How can I verify it's a writable file and if it's not a Writable file. How do I convert it into a writable file?
  4. Hello I opened the same ticket 48 hrs ago they closed it down without resolving the issue. Here's the error message I'm getting... Can't Create Table Could not open Evernote database in C:\user\...\evernote\databases\rayz1 Error cant_create_table... So far, I tried to uninstall and then re-install the app to get it going but it didn't work. I'm still at the same place having the same issue. any suggestion?
  5. This is awful you can't get technical support and you can't use your Evernote. I'm a subscriber and I can't use my Evernote. I search everywhere for a phone number or an email for Tech support. I just can't find them. So, out of frustration, I started to write to this forum. I really don't know what else to do. Is anybody out there???
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