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  1. I would like to suggest a new feature for Evernote. I currently use Evernote for my study notes and research. I also use it as a personal decision making journal. I also use it for various work projects. As I generate a lot of content, I find myself going back and re-reading my previous notes. Like we can do with digital books, I would really value a 'highlighting' feature where as we read through our notes, we are able to highlight sections from it into one (or a journal of notes) note. This way, I am able to parse out the insights from a large piece of content and organize them into notes to use in my work deliverables or study projects. An example of this feature is on Kindle though it is a bit clunky - still very useful in distilling the highlights from a book and then organizing them by theme and generating new content with that. The highlighted bits will have links at the end to take you back to the source note - it would be useful to hide these links when working on the aggregated highlights note itself. Perhaps every Evernote comes with a 'Highlights' journal which has a default note that aggregates all the highlights by default and also user-created notes where users can point the highlight into.
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