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  1. Dear All, I have read all of the statements in regard to tables and would like to add my voice of discontent with this new Version 8 for Evernote. My comment is, what was so wrong with the previous toolbar. I was watching a video on the new features and to me it seems both presenters were users that wanted to add a lot of photos, etc. via the new photo feature. I was using Everenote and then moved to One-note but became disillusioned due to the difficulty of getting it to update across my work Laptop with my iPad. Evernote, in this instance, is much better and I liked the layout which appears, to me, better than one-note. I hope that Evernote sees sense and puts back the tool bar as it appeared in previous versions. Just downloaded Evernote to my PC laptop and it has all of the old features which is good. So wondering if I create a tabled note in the laptop and see if it updates in the iPad. Thanks
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