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  1. Thank you, But I don't understand what you said. If I upgrade premium and cancel(using other computer) and my local computer does not sync, Can I use premium if I do not use sync?
  2. Thank you. But I only interest in the feature of tag and note like using scrivener. I don't need cloud service because I don't use many device as people do.
  3. I like Evernote. but I don't need cloud service and don't want pay for monthly. I want to use Evernote by only offline desktop. But evernote's free user data size is very small(60mb). 1. If I want to upload more size data, do I have to subscribe monthly pay? 2. If I subscribe premium and cancel and don't use cloud, Can I upload more data(I mean premium size)? I want to evernote portable or only offline program. I can buy 'evernote offline version' if they offer. But I think cloud service is too useless and expensive for me.
  4. Please restore the function 'CTRL + mouse wheel ' (font view resize) . I am very uncomfortable for this change.
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