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  1. Yes, I almost exclusively write notes on my iPad with pencil support. And it's very frustrating only being able to write on the visible screen without being able to scroll down like I would with a physical piece of paper. Let us at least scroll down a bit for more writing area like the size of a paper but infinity-scroll would be perfect! Instead I have to save the 'sketch' which is just hand written notes (this is everNOTE after all), and then create another sketch after that. So my actual notes are filled with dozens of small pictures that each contain a few notes.
  2. Using evernote on an iPad pro with a pencil, almost all my notes are handwritten at first. When in a meeting I'd rather grab my pencil and write a handwritten note than try to type on the ipad. Using the sketch feature, it has a limit to the screen size for the sketch. I have to result to adding multiple sketches in a single note just to keep writing my notes down the page. It would be much quicker if I can add a single sketch, and it would be an infini-page where I can keep scrolling down, add more, scroll down add more, scroll down. Instead of hitting the bottom and creating a brand new sketch each time.
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