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  1. @aukirk, on v10 in macOS you can open notes in new windows. That isn't my workflow...but worth noting as a workaround. For instance, you could put EN in a workspace and open two notes side by side. Variety of ways - right click on a note in the list of notes...or click the 3 dots in top right of an open note. The lack of tabs is why I stopped using the beta. I get that sacrifices must be made to get to one platform on which Evernote can build...but tabs feels non-negotiable. Also concerned about speed and syncing. Syncing has what has kept me paying for EN through the years - type something on my computer, flip open my phone 30 seconds later and the changes are there. I've already had one 'merge conflict' on v10. Will be interesting to see how fast they can make progress.
  2. I wish Evernote would stop sending me survey requests for my 'feedback' and start delivering value to regular users. Insane that this idea has been around for 7 years, is standard for any text editor (as many have pointed out), and seems like a feature ideal for 2 engineers running a little hackathon. I'd move to OneNote but I have to give Evernote credit for its syncing ability...I switch repeatedly between desktop, iPad and iPhone and my stuff is always there. Not so with OneNote. Reading between the lines it seems Evernote (perhaps understandably) is all about growing new lines of revenue (all the business and collaboration features...which, for me, are better handled by wikis) vs. incremental improvements for individuals. Sigh.
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