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  1. Not every bullet point I make will have a picture and I prefer the free text layout for everything else but that’s an interesting point. outdent/reindent has no effect as it seems even deleting the bullet point, the text is indented to where the original bullet point was indented to. The only fix is to delete back until the upper bullet point and then click return. If that makes any sense? its just frustrating because it’s obviously a bug, and not meant to happen.
  2. As seen from the screenshots, when I annotate a screenshot that I've captured and pasted below some bullet points, the appearance of the bullet point above it changes. The bullet point that was hollow (indented one level further than normal bullet points) becomes filled. Any work arounds/ways to reverse would be appreciated. Also just hoping to flag this as a but so it might be fixed in a future update? Before annotating a pasted screenshot: After annotating a pasted screenshot: Notice how the bullet point directly above the annotated image has changed!
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