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  1. Lol. Let's make a circle. Thanks for all your help and attention. More than Irritating but I just have to dig through client emails and rebuild my files. Don't have time to solve this mystery with Evernote unfortunately. Happy New Year!
  2. When you say check data on the server, you mean just check the notebooks that are on the server or some other form of data? The notebook is gone from both places so whether it says it's local or not is moot. But I notice every time I save it auto syncs and I save often.
  3. The wheel spun twice in a staggered way but nothing reappeared. Does that mean I only had a local copy?
  4. Ok thanks. How would I go about doing a DB rebuild?
  5. Hi, thanks for your reply. To clarify this was not a Mac OS update, it was an Evernote software update. Could the database be rebuilt if I was not a premium subscriber when it was lost but I become one now? My understanding is that I need to have a paying subscription to even access the database. So far as I know it would have been synced but as I'm not an Evernote Master I can't be sure. It's a working notebook that I use 5 days a week along with a few others that were not lost or damaged at all which is why it is especially perplexing. I'm pretty sure it would have been synced. Here is screenshot of my devices. Actually now that I recall when it was registered it was on a different Mac but I was given a 2nd one a month later that I have been using since. That's the top instance that shows as registered on 1-2-18. I'm certain I've installed Evernote updates all along though...
  6. I updated my desktop app on Mac this morning through the automated prompt and then an entire notebook was missing. The files are not in the trash or in the web version. I think I may have found the missing files but when I try to open them it says I'm not signed into the account that created them. I only have one account. I also see that 2 devices are registered to use my account, one registered as of today. I have only ever used the same Mac for the same account so I'm not sure what is going on. Can anyone help me?
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