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  1. What a long discussion... been going on for years. There's clearly a user desire for nested Notebooks beyond the current 2 levels. And there's clearly technical reasons Evernote can't offer the feature. Stalemate! Tags can work as a substitute, but require rigorous maintenance. You can't just create a tag off the top of your head and... forget it. Do that often enough, you won't find your special tree in the forest. My solution is to use the Stacks and Notebooks for Big Topic areas. Then I use tags to emulate the menu structure below the Notebook level. I have two gigantic tag hierarchies: My business tags are all A-Z alphanumeric: A0000 to (theoretically) Z0000. So... > C0600 Insurance > C0603 Medical. Non-business tags start numeric: 1...99. So... > 20 Investments > 21 Software setup. It takes some discipline to keep it clean, but it's all I can do to keep thousands of Notes from getting lost. I'd still like to see nested folders, which would simplify the vast number and rigid structure of my tag system.
  2. So we can activate the Clipper with a shortcut. Is that all? I'd like to see a two shortcuts I would use dozens of times a day: Add tag. Take me to the tag entry box, so that I can keep typing. Save. Simply pressing Enter doesn't work. Mousing to click Save over and over and over is just wrong. The combination of 1) Activate the Clipper, 2) Take me to the Add tag entry and 3) Save ... would shortcut 90% of my Evernote Web Clipper labor.
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