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  1. Thankfully renaming a notebook is still possible. TIP: you need to open "My Notebook List" by clicking on notebooks as shown below, then use F2 or the three dots menu to rename. It is possible to rename stacks as well, but it is like using shovel instead of a spoon to eat lunch. Nothing happens when you press F2 or right click a notebook. It is weird and counter intuitive way to rename
  2. I have the same issue with hyperlinks. It is so irritating that I've stopped using the new EN and installed the legacy EN version 6.25
  3. Ctrl+Alt+N works fine on my Windows 10 PC. Try after installing EN Legacy Version (6.25). It sync with EN new version. I also use Win+N to open a new OneNote
  4. I had the same problem, but resolved it using the Legacy Version(6.25) of Evernote. The work around is to correct each hyperlink manually using the Legacy Version (6.25) of Evernote. It took me two days and several cups of coffee to rectify around 200 dead hyperlinks. The dead hyperlinks appear as: "file:///c:/\folder1\folder2......\file.pdf". After editing: "file:///c:/folder1/folder2...../file.pdf". After syncing all the hyperlinks are working fine in the new Evernote. It now takes two mouse clicks to open the hyperlinks.
  5. Thanks, it works in both the legacy and the new versions of EN. It is also quite simple and hassle free. I'll use this method for creating future hyperlinks. But for now I'm stuck with hundreds of dead hyperlinks, hoping for the "Auto-Correct" functionality in the future.
  6. Yes, it works fine except , now it takes two more clicks to open the hyperlink. I found another way to identify and correct the dysfunctional hyperlinks. 1) Open the same note in EN Legacy Version (6.25) 2) By hovering the mouse, check if the hyperlink is correctly formatted. The older EN had the ability to "Auto-Correct", lacking in new EN, the source of problems with hyperlinks. 3) The correct format should be "file:///drive:/file path..../file.extension". For example "file:///c:/user/documents/xyz.pdf" 4) if not, right click the hyperlink and select the EDIT option to
  7. Thanks for the tip. However, it is tedious to rectify hundreds of dysfunctional hyperlinks scattered through out my notes. Some of these hyperlinks with correct format are still functional, while the others aren't. I found that the dysfunctional hyperlinks have extra characters "%5" added to the file path. I'm unable to edit the hyperlinks. Secondly, drag and drop is not same as a hyperlink. It creates an embedded document that increases the note size considerably. Hundreds of such embedded notes will slow down EN, the reason why I prefer the hyperlinks over embedded files.
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