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  1. Thanks for your responses. I scanned all 38 documents in one operation about a week ago and still not in Evernote even though it indicates "Saved to Evernote". I was able to send and receive an email of the 38 documents today from Scannable. The pdf size was 17MB. Net, net I have the documents I need but not saved in Evernote. I have a basic account with note size limit of 25MB and a monthly note upload limit of 60MB and am getting a message I am at my quota (even though pdf was only 17MB) - perhaps my multiple attempts to send to Evernote caused me to meet my limit. I will try next month with smaller size of scanned documents to see if my documents get saved in Evernote.
  2. I have a iPhone X. I scanned 38 documents on my iPhone in Scannable. Scannable indicates "Saved to Evernote, Photos". I am able to view the documents in my iPhone's camera roll but not in Evernote. I opened Evernote both on my iPhone and my PC but the documents do not show up. Scannable settings show Scannable as the default notebook. I have tried synching but it did not resolve issue. Any help would be appreciated!
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