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  1. Evernote please. Just implement this. It was in previous versions. There is already an "Unlink" option when you right click anywhere on an external link, so your app already knows it's a link!!! I used this 10+ times a day in the legacy versions. It's just so simple. It's an option in Chrome, Safari, Slack, and who knows how many other apps. Please just add it
  2. In previous versions of the Evernote client, I could right click on a link and choose "Copy Link Address" to immediately copy the URL that the link pointed to (not sure if that was the exact text). In this version it's gone. Just... why??? Maybe folks don't use it every single day like I do, but why remove it??? There are at least a dozen ways that this recent release has made it harder for me to use Evernote, but this one really makes my forehead long for my palm (along with the removal of global shortcuts, which I know are coming back some fine day)
  3. I uses a lot of links between notes. Maybe I'm missing something here, but if I follow a long chain of links between notes in the Android app, I need to click the Back button for each successive note link I used in order to get back to the home screen and use the search feature. If I follow a link from Note A to Note B, then follow 9 more such links, I need to click the Back button 10 times to get back to the home screen. One option is to force close the app, but I really shouldn't need to do that. Like a web browser, the note view should have a home button as well as a back button.
  4. @macneilpi I wrote down detailed steps to reproduce here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/110066-strange-copy-paste-issue/?do=findComment&comment=489369. The text is copied to the clipboard with the HTML-encoded characters. It doesn't matter where you paste it.
  5. To all others on this thread: I submitted a support ticket (#2340825, if it matters) and got a response. They know about the issue and they're working on it. Would've been nice for one of them to respond here directly, but oh well. Here's the text:
  6. I'm also experiencing something like this on the latest Mac desktop version (6.13.3 455969 Direct). When I copy something with ampersands in my Evernote doc, it pastes each ampersand as "&". I've found something that might be very useful for tracking this bug down (and/or for a quick workaround while this is being addressed). This bug only happens when I change the font of the text snippet from the default. Example workflow: Write down the text snippet "copy & paste" with default formatting. Result: copy/paste yields the correct text. Change the font of that snippet to anything. Result: copy/paste yields "copy & paste". Change the font of that snippet back to the default manually (i.e.: not by using 'simplify formatting'). Result: copy/paste yields "copy & paste". Highlight the snippet and use 'simplify formatting'. Result: copy/paste yields the correct text again.
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