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  1. I uses a lot of links between notes. Maybe I'm missing something here, but if I follow a long chain of links between notes in the Android app, I need to click the Back button for each successive note link I used in order to get back to the home screen and use the search feature. If I follow a link from Note A to Note B, then follow 9 more such links, I need to click the Back button 10 times to get back to the home screen. One option is to force close the app, but I really shouldn't need to do that. Like a web browser, the note view should have a home button as well as a back button.
  2. @macneilpi I wrote down detailed steps to reproduce here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/110066-strange-copy-paste-issue/?do=findComment&comment=489369. The text is copied to the clipboard with the HTML-encoded characters. It doesn't matter where you paste it.
  3. To all others on this thread: I submitted a support ticket (#2340825, if it matters) and got a response. They know about the issue and they're working on it. Would've been nice for one of them to respond here directly, but oh well. Here's the text:
  4. I'm also experiencing something like this on the latest Mac desktop version (6.13.3 455969 Direct). When I copy something with ampersands in my Evernote doc, it pastes each ampersand as "&". I've found something that might be very useful for tracking this bug down (and/or for a quick workaround while this is being addressed). This bug only happens when I change the font of the text snippet from the default. Example workflow: Write down the text snippet "copy & paste" with default formatting. Result: copy/paste yields the correct text. Change the font of that snippet to anything. Result: copy/paste yields "copy & paste". Change the font of that snippet back to the default manually (i.e.: not by using 'simplify formatting'). Result: copy/paste yields "copy & paste". Highlight the snippet and use 'simplify formatting'. Result: copy/paste yields the correct text again.
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