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  1. Evernote on my iPhone has long been fine, but now starts up then quits after a few seconds. Message says it has "encountered an unexpected error and has to quit". The message also asked "Would you like to send a report so we can fix the problem?" I chose yes "send report", then later "always send". Problem persists. I have basic Evernote on two devices (iPhone and Mac) and never had this problem before. It still works fine on my Mac but quits on iPhone. So to check, I tried putting Evernote on a third device, my iPad. After opening it said I could only use basic on two devices, so I then removed the iPad as a device. But still Evernote quits on iPhone after a few seconds. Anyone please help? Why should this problem suddenly arise? I have an iPhone 6S Plus running IOS 11.2.1. Thanks! David
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