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  1. Thanks for clearing all of my doubts I was gonna get trello but I came to know that support employees can anytime become administrators and access my notes without my permission. Just got confirmed of that. Also they DONT have local notebook saving option. Alright, thanks
  2. A noobish question on the search index thing, only if I search, it will show the topics and texts of my notes and it won't show if any random people use the search engine to find notes? Moreover, no random people can search notes via the search engine, right? And I heard 256-bit encryption is by far the strongest. Any external way to encrypt as Evernote has only 128-bit encryption facility?
  3. Thanks for replying @DTLowWhen you said encryption, how would you advise me to encrypt my data? What is the way? And what do you mean by search indexing? And regarding OCR processing of my personal and business data notes and such, any way to not let evernote access my notes as you said they do have access for OCR processing? And after encryption, my notes are completely secure right?
  4. Hi, I am about to use Evernote for my personal and work. And I have some queries: 1) How secure and private are my confidential notes in Evernote? 2) Can any Evernote employee access and see my confidential notes? I know people can see my notes and things only if I give access to them but here I am talking about Evernote employees. 3) Is there any way to prevent Evernote from auto-saving into the cloud and make Evernote to save the notes on my PC? Thanks in advance. Guddu
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