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  1. Hi, I’d like Evernote to open the notebook and note I last had open regardless of time elapsed, the app resets every few mins so when I go back and forth between say Evernote and Chrome I must constantly reselect the notebook and scroll down to the note I was working on.
  2. Cheers, upon initiating the full sync I got it all back. Before that I tried a regular sync while copying the log into the attached document of this post just incase for any reference. I removed anything that may have referred to personal information with "xxxxx". Cheers log.rtf
  3. I recently experienced a system crash where all open apps froze, so I opened Activity Monitor and initiated "Quit Process" -> "Force Quit" on each app including Evernote. The culprit was having too many open window/tabs in Google Chrome. Upon reopening Evernote, the side pane width had been reset to default as well as my note sorting and viewing preferences, and all my notes had disappeared. Evernote popped up some progress bar that always comes up after such crashes and started syncing and displayed all 40 of my lists, however this time only 274 notes returned rather than the full 872 that I see listed through my iPhone or Evernote Web. I deleted the app through my Applications folder and then reinstalled through the App store and logged back in but it would still only partially sync the same 274 despite the Web/iPhone showing the full 872. How do I resolve this? Evernote for Mac 6.13.1 Mac OS 10.11.6 iPhone 8 MQ792J/A (64GB) Macbook Pro A1502 (Retina, 13inch, Late 2013)
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