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  1. I'm having the issue on High Sierra , so in this case is on both Win and Mac so yeah, I'll open a ticket
  2. Oh, isn't only me then , Thank you Are they reading the forums ? Should I go and open a ticket too ?
  3. Hey folks, Web Clipper doesn't clip the entire URL if I try to make a bookmark , or whatever else. URL's I'm talking are fairly large , but why is Web clipper cutting them off ? Example URL I'm trying to save - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Sunscreen-Air-Cushion-BB-Cream-Concealer-moisturizing-foundation-Whitening-flawless-makeup-bare-Air-Magic-For-Face/32733243984.html I can always copy/paste the URL , but what is the point of using the extension then if I have to do the job twice ? Any fix for this, or any settings ? Thanks
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