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  1. I'm a long-time user of evernote, but there are a myriad of really basic issues in the web client that give me the feeling that it is not being actively maintained and improved. Should I bother taking the time to report all of the issues on these forums, or should I be holding my breath for a new and improved web client that behaves more like a modern web application?
  2. The support page is very misleading. It says But you say there is no way to actually submit a ticket with a free account. You should at least clarify the page there. But really, it does not make sense to not allow non-paying users to report bugs and give feedback.
  3. Repro: 1. Add a code block 2. Type some text 3. Select the text 4. Select unformat text 5. Observe the text Expected: the text formatting should be in the monospaced code format and should not change when unformat text is selected Actual: The text format is changed to the default format for non-code blocks
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