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  1. Great - the feeling will be mutual. Hate coming on forums and getting snide snippets for using a perfectly legal free version. Got all my notes exported to the new app, so that's all folks.
  2. When I open a note on Android 9 mobile phone and select the edit function the screen/note freezes, then app prompts to abort or wait with only option to abort the app. Restarting or uninstall/reinstall the app makes no difference.
  3. I have used paid versions as well during those years. You are overlooking one key component here that 'the customer is always right'. I'll be right to take my custom away if things don't improve.
  4. I find this the MOST annoying feature of free Evernote. I was having unacceptable performance issues with the Win10 Evernote app running so slow so wanted to finish my notes on the same laptop using a web browser. Instead of being allowed to productively finish my notes on time I was confronted with an annoying WARNING I was exceeding my device allocation (my other device is a smart phone) by using TWO software's on ONE laptop and to add insult to injury a further WARNING to even try this more than twice a month would disable the account on the device. Not surprisingly with this kind of s
  5. Since my Huawei Mate 9 updated itself to Android 8 from Nugat now Evernote will not open notes? Always stuck on Opening Note, Please Wait. Tried uninstall, reboot, reinstall and no change? Is Evernote compatible with Android 8 or what is the problem here please??
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