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  1. Thanks for the comment. Probably i should also to recreate my db. Hope they fix it in the next versions (today I've updated to
  2. Hello, Thank you for releasing new versions and fixing bugs. Could we get why my installation freezes from time to time? It has been hanging for long time for unknown reasons. Not sure it is connected to this specific version. Please see description at .
  3. Hello, could anyone here help me with this? Evernote for Windows 6.9.36577 got frozen. I killed the Evernote process and restarted it. Steps: 1. Type something in any note 2. Evernote freezes and won't respond As per Process Expolorer it looks like it is in some dead lock. See attached screenshot. No clue from log file. Attached. AppLog_2018-01-25.txt
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