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  1. Bump. Add to Dictionary is a key feature for any app of Evernote's quality. This feature must be added please.
  2. Bump. We still need the ability to password protect a specific notebook (or even an individual note) inside of Evernote. This would be in addition to the single login password. Please make this a new feature and a priority. Or at least tell us why you've been ignoring this since 2013...
  3. Just wanted to add my voice to this request. Using the web-based Evernote interface, I find it impossible to eliminate weird formatting and paragraph spacing when pasting items copied from the web. Is there something I'm missing or can this be a feature they can add to the web interface? And for those who would reply "just use the app / installed program / etc." I purposefully only use the web-based program because I'm normally on computers I don't own and thus don't want to keep my information stored or accessible on those computers.
  4. Bumping this up. Evernote, we really need this feature in iOS. Yes, I should become a bottom-up note taker, but it doesn't work for writing & there are too many notes the old way to re-do them all. So please just add an option in settings "place initial cursor at end" and that's all we need.
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