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  1. This is true for Premium subscribers but not for lower-tier paying Plus subscribers like me. I understand that Plus was phased out this year, but those who were already members got grandfathered in. This is the message I get when I select "Note History": Sorry this side-conversation is getting pretty far afield from the purpose of the thread. I just hoped that sharing my data-loss scare might help nudge Evernote in the direction of adding this requested feature.
  2. Fair enough! I also have personal backups, but noticing and correcting these data-loss problems is time-consuming and stressful. Also, Note History is only accessible in Premium or above, and we can only afford Plus. The read-only feature seems like one that should be accessible at any price point.
  3. It happened: I let a labmate look at a circuit diagram in one of my notes, and he accidentally deleted the diagram and closed out before the change could be reverted. Please implement this feature, Evernote! The current system makes our data terribly fragile, and it's extremely stressful!
  4. This is a great idea. I'm a scientist who uses Evernote as an easily searchable lab notebook that is accessible to (and sometimes editable by) labmates and collaborators, and it's very important to me to have the ability to prevent accidental or intentional modifications of scientific records. The read-only feature would also help to ensure that notes remain in chronological order, whereas now, an accidental keystroke while reading an old note bumps it up to the top of the notebook, making it harder to stay organized. Finally, much like writing lab notes in pen, allowing users to make a note read-only (especially if it could be done automatically after some time interval) would help to build confidence in scientific integrity by alleviating concerns about fudged data; descriptions of methodology tampered with after the fact; and inadvertent, uncaught deletions of records and results. I love your product, Evernote, but I'm always keeping an eye out for alternatives with similar functionality plus the ability to lock notes. If you added this feature, I would be much more likely to stay.
  5. I am having the same problem when editing notes in Chrome. Happy/sad faces disappear from notes in the desktop client after the note has been edited in any way in the browser.
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