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  1. So I use the mobile version for IOS. I’m mobile probably 90% of the time using Evernote, and on occasion I’m on the laptop. But on mobile, i use the All Notes view since I’m usually in a rush and just want to access everything real quick. When I set a reminder to a note, it doesn’t bump it to the top of my list as mentioned above. Doesn’t matter if I set a date or not; all it does is ping it to go to the Reminders folder if I’m sorting. I don’t sort or have time to sort on mobile—I want to jump in and out within All Notes. Hence the reason for this original post—it would be nice to be able to
  2. Thanks for the tip. I’ll check out the reminders workaround.
  3. It would be extremely helpful to be able to pin a note or notes to the top of my list so they’re not constantly getting lost among updated notes. I realize I can use tags or add them to the shortcut menu, but that does me no good on mobile when I’m looking at all notes, which is how I’m using Evernote 95% of the time. Pinning a note to the top would allow me to prioritize a note at my leisure without shuffling around my organization; I could then remove that priority at any time and carry on. This would be helpful, for example, if you have notes that trigger thoughts or reminders that serve as
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